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Maritime Risks
Transportation, cargo
Insurance of valuables during transportation, cargo
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Maritime Risks

Ship Owner Liability Insurance

Objects of insurance

  • Liability to crew members;
  • Liability to third parties who are not crew members;
  • Liability for collision with other vessels;
  • Liability for damage to immovable and floating objects;
  • Liability for environmental pollution with oil and other substances;
  • Liability for safety of cargoes during transportation.

Insurance risks

  • Damage caused to third parties.
  • Costs for preventing and reducing the losses, investigating the circumstances of insured events, and legal costs.
  • Other risks accepted in the international practice of liability insurance.

Marine vessels insurance

Objects of insurance

  • Vessel hull;
  • Vessel mechanisms;
  • Machinery and equipment for the period of their operation.

Insurance risks

  • losses due to complete destruction or costs for the hull, mechanisms, machinery, equipement damage repair;
  • losses due to the vessel’s loss without a trace;
  • losses, costs and contributions relating to the vessel’s proportion of general average;
  • necessary and expedient vessel rescue costs;
  • necessary and expedient costs for preventing/reducing losses or establishing the size thereof;
  • loss of freight;
  • war risks;
  • liability for collisions with vessels and / or immovable floating objects.

Insurance of vessels under construction

Objects of insurance

  • Insurant’s property interests associated with vessel construction.

Insurance risks

  • loss and destruction of (actual or total constructive) against any risks that threaten the vessel during its contraction, commissioning and running trials;
  • environment pollution;
  • construction defects;
  • general average and salvage of the vessel;
  • liability for collisions;
  • costs for preventing, reducing and establishing the size of losses.

Баланс Cтрахование

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